Box Baby Number 6,7 or 8

“He is Miss Congeniality on steroids and if everyone else can be fed arsenic so that they can zonk out and die and he can win the beauty pageant, that’s what he will do. To be the most popular, to be the one with the most beautiful babies, that’s all he cares about.”

Another baby. A jaguar baby. All those months of speculation, box #6, or is it box #7 or #8……never mind, the box was finally opened to reveal a baby jaguar. After, “is it a jaguar, is it a jaguar, is it a jaguar” from his minions, the little cub was finally revealed. Logistically, it is NOT possible for there to be this many infantile cubs ready to be rescued in Mexico. Statistically, it is NOT possible that every single mother has rejected her cubs. It just isn’t. In the wild mothers do not lose this many. His followers are so ignorant and less than smart to believe this and to believe a hand raised cat will be repopulated back into the wild. His whole business is based upon these babies. He can say whatever he wants, he is not rescuing these babies and no one is sending these supposed “rescued” babies to him on purpose. The cubs are bred for him. And he is rolling in them. For every baby he gets, there are several adult abused animals waiting for homes. Mexico has no room to re home these animals, yet he is picking and choosing. And what he chooses is to grow a brand based on these babies and on lies and manipulation. #EduardoSErio cannot counter any argument! His defense is he has 6 million followers and that, in itself, legitimizes him and his operation. Never mind that his shady and dodgy methods does not a “conservationist make!” Here, the Avian Vet, Dr Garza, a man who also has a shady past with illegal trafficked exotic birds, holds the cub. Birds of a feather flock together.

Sept 17, 2016 BJWT Watchdog