BJWT Serengeti

A closer look at the sprawling #BJWT Mexican Serengeti. Pay special attention to the caged cats in the background. The animals at this facility are NOT free roaming. They are caged. This is NOT a sanctuary. It is a ZOO and a very below average zoo at that. There are NO rolling plains, there are NO sprawling grasslands. There are only prisons and a different form of exploitation. Those that visit, that use their brains, leave that place in disgust because they have realized they have been lied to.#EduardoSerio could NEVER be what he says he is.

Sept 19, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


#BJWTZoo. @JeanneMoos This is how they live. If anyone can prove, with actual footage, these animals roam freely on hundreds of acres of sprawling grasslands, then please, prove me wrong. Then there is the matter of 140 + cats which are not accounted for. Where are they?#EduardoSerio pounds his chest while frothing at the mouth saying his is the BEST SANCTUARY ON THE PLANET. Prove it. Alas, he cannot. No one can. Hiding behind his ignorant followers, the Jim Jones of the Conservation world has managed to fool the masses.

Sept 19, 2016 BJWT Watchdog



Sanctuary Comparisons

No matter what #EduardoSerio says, his zoo is below par and no where near the ‘state of the art” facility he boasts that it is. A run down facility which belongs to his family and where he had to build “quarantine” areas which are also used as permanent enclosures to house approx 100 cats in 2.5 acres. The Wild Animal Sanctuary for example, has a centralized compound in the middle of the 720 acres of rolling grasslands, which is used as a receiving area for new rescues. Its specifically designed areas allow animals to recuperate and adjust to their new surroundings. The rehabilitation process for rescued animals begins there with special playgrounds that help prepare animals for living in large acreage habitats. Emoya has one hectare for four cats. One hectare equals 2.47105 acres. #Serio has 2.5 acres for approx 100 cats. Think about this.

Large acreage habitats: #BJWT does NOT have large acreage habitats. The only areas he has is where he films the “prides.” His cats spend the rest of the time in their enclosures. They do NOT roam vasts grasslands or, as he likes to say, the Mexican Serengeti. I have it on good authority. These cats spend 24 hours in these enclosures. Visitors to the Zoo see nothing wrong with this. His minions see nothing wrong with this. Why would they? Their idea of a “sanctuary” is based on #Serio’s gross misrepresentation of his Zoo which is a far cry from the roaming animals in ethical sanctuaries where the habitats closely mimic their own environment. Take note: ethical sanctuaries where animals roam freely and live in peace and tranquility. Not trotted out for ignorant visitors and filming. Nor are infantile cubs ripped away from their mothers, in pretend rescues, to be housed in closets and trotted out for the ignorant B grade celebrities.

Sept 16, 2014 BJWT Watchdog


Rolling Acerage

#EduardoSerio, the business man filming his commodities. Take note of the enclosures at the back of the Mexican Serengeti. Isn’t it strange that a man who continually boasts he has the best sanctuary on the PLANET has never filmed anywhere else on his vast rolling plains of the Serengeti. He films in the house which is Stage 1 and here at the Ranch which is Stage 2. All 2.5 acres of it. Wouldn’t a boastful man like #Serio milk every corner of the vast rolling plains of his microscopic Mexican Serengeti? Oh wait, yes he does!!! Here it is!!!!

Sept 14, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Oh the lies he tells! A good look into the sprawling 2.5 Acres of #BJWT Ranch. Look at the cats pacing in their enclosures in the background.

Sept 15, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


State of the Art Enclosures

From back in the day. His constant boasting and crowing of his state of the art quarantine areas look like enclosures for chickens.



Sept 7, 2016 BJWT Watchdog

It is fantastical to see footage of his “state of the art” enclosures within the rolling plains of his very suspect and, may I add, made up Mexican Serengeti. These animals are in “Quarantine Area 1” which is at the front of the Ranch/Zoo. There is a “Quarantine Area 2” at the rear of the Ranch/Zoo. 2.5 acres all up, that is how big his Ranch is. The Pimp of Mexico repeatedly states he has 240+ animals. We know he only has approximately 100. So where are the 140 + animals he so eloquently boasts about?

Famous Mexican Serengeti

#EduardoSerio‘s Mexican Serengeti extends to his driveway and garage. Keeping his little charges in a dog pen, letting them out to have a play with his chihuahua, and being fed by dear Nanny Eli. All the while entertaining his guests as he is apt to do. Now, as commented in an earlier post, antifreeze on the ground attracts cats and can be very dangerous for them. But as we know, the all knowing, all seeing #EduardoTheZookeeper, is Mexico’s foremost expert in Big Cats. How proud the Government of Mexico must be of his psychotic antics, extortion, exploitation, and lies.

Sept 4, 2016 BJWT Watchdog

Happy Animals?

Happy animals? Pacing back and forth inside the Mexican Serengeti’s state of the art enclosures. He has stated they are only used for quarantine but I have it on good authority these animals are in these enclosures 24 hours a day. He has no other appropriate land in which to house them. He’s had less than 10 acres since the Zoo’s inception and some of the animals given to him by PROFEPA were taken back. He was unable to take care of them back then. I guess Dr Compean, Plastic Surgeon, had no idea on how to take care of Big Cats.

Sept 3, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


The rolling plains of the Mexican Serengeti