Avant-garde Enclosure

#BJWT Behold the avant-garde enclosures these two stressed cats are living in. Are they let out for some enrichment? The only enrichment these animals have is when he shoves his Iphone in their faces to film them.#EduardoSerio considers these enclosures “state of the art.” They must be, after all, Architectural Digest Mexico gave him their seal of approval. How laughable. The ego maniac is looking for love in all the wrong places

Sept 20, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


The Ranch

#EduardoSerio loves to shoot his mouth off. He loves to show off. He has 240+ cats in his possession, as he loves to remind everyone, where are they? A show off such as Serio would be crowing and beating his chest with arrogance showing off his “avant-garde” zoo. Yet, he has NEVER give a tour of the whole Ranch. The Ranch only houses approximately 100 cats. Could they be at the zoo he now owns, gifted to him by his good friend Gustavo? Could they be somewhere where he does not want to show the world just as he has never shown the WHOLE ranch? Or are they gone, never to be seen again?

Sept 11, 2016 BJWT Watchdog



Happy Animals?

Happy animals? Pacing back and forth inside the Mexican Serengeti’s state of the art enclosures. He has stated they are only used for quarantine but I have it on good authority these animals are in these enclosures 24 hours a day. He has no other appropriate land in which to house them. He’s had less than 10 acres since the Zoo’s inception and some of the animals given to him by PROFEPA were taken back. He was unable to take care of them back then. I guess Dr Compean, Plastic Surgeon, had no idea on how to take care of Big Cats.

Sept 3, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


The rolling plains of the Mexican Serengeti


The Angry Twelve Pack

The Angry Twelve Pack. A little group consisting of several young women who defend Eddie at every turn. Eddie depends on them along with all his trolls to do his dirty work. If only this was the least of his problems. A man who blatantly promotes cub petting, urging his visitors to interact with the cubs as told to me by various people who have visited the Zoo. What they found is a very unnatural environment in which the cubs are forced to interact with the visitors. Stage two is small and mimics a Zoo environment with far too many cats. They left feeling very uncomfortable knowing instinctively that what they saw does not correlate to the rubbish #EduardoSerio waxes lyrical to the world.

Aug 29, 2016 BJWT Watchdog



Comparison of Sanctuaries

The fact remains, there are animals in captivity. This is an inescapable fact. I have great admiration for the sanctuaries that spend time and effort in ensuring their compounds resemble the animal’s habitat as best as they can. The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and BCR are just two facilities which are to be admired. The owner of TWAS, Pat Craig’s knowledge about big cats spans 40 years and cannot be questioned. The images below are that of TWAS and BCR. The new play areas at BCR recently built for their SMALL cats are beautifully thought out and constructed giving them plenty of room to roam and play. If animals are to be kept in captivity, then organisations like BCR, TWAS, Drankenstein, Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary should be the measuring stick for the conserving of wildlife. Not a pseuo sanctuary utilising an old dog training facility which now houses Big Cats in its dog runs. A few existing acres plus another 22 for over 230+ cats is hardly avant-garde.

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More Enclosures

While Eddie is busy spewing out his propaganda in his usual sociopath style, his animals pace back and forth in their “state of the art” enclosures. These animals live in these enclosures, they are NOT in quarantine, they live in these enclosures 24 hrs a day because he has no other room for them and with over 100 “junk animals” in his care, one wonders what he does with them. Perhaps he will better house them with his new acreage? Hmmmmmm.

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BJWT Enrichment

Do you notice the deep track by the fence line? That deep track is caused by animals pacing back and forth. The Zoo Keeper has created an environment which mimics a Zoo. There is no enrichment for these animals, other than boredom. Oh there is the children’s play equipment because Serio seems to think they are human children and would like to slide down the slide. I’m surprised he hasn’t installed a swing set for them. He might install one in the new areas he is building.