Emoya vs BJWT

I felt compelled to say a few words after I watched the live feed from Emoya, it struck me how incredibly different it was from the live feeds of #BJWT. Two very dignified women answering questions from their followers in an open and friendly way. I can say the same about another well known sanctuary with their live feed. All questions answered, no foul language, no hatred, no blocking……just complete honesty and a transparency which #EduardoSerio cannot remotely match.#EduardoSerio’s live feeds are all about name dropping, boastful self promotion, cub petting, hatred, lies and made up stories which change on a daily basis along with his bogus educational rhetoric on how he medically treats his animals. A liar cannot keep up with his lies. Eventually they will bite him in the arse. In the image below is Tristan, in his enclosure at peace. This is the correct way rescued wildlife should live the remaining years of their life. Not kept in small enclosures and only trotted out for filming. #Serio is the biggest con artist the world has ever seen. Like father like son.

Sep 17, 2016 BJWT Watchdog