Inside Info?

Oh dearie me. It’s quite laughable really. These two are implying I have someone on the “inside” videoing a certain way just to make it look bad!!!! Apart from the fact these people have been brainwashed to high heaven, how could we have someone on the “inside?” #EduardoSerio, the most famous Zookeeper on the Planet, would KNOW by the footage if someone were sending film and images to other people on the outside. Yes, I have people who have been there, have been quite disgusted at what they have seen and contacted me with footage and images. You see, they too believed in his methods, but no more. Because once there, they saw the “unnatural” state these cats live in. They do not roam, they are stressed, some are DECLAWED, they live in small enclosures 24 hrs a day, and there is most definitely NO WHERE near the 240+ cats the Pimp of Mexico claims he has. Most of these cats are long gone. Again, I will say, approx 100 cats in 2.5 acres. But, as I always say, “patience is a virtue,” and the coming months will see information that will put a big dent in his holier than thou image. Patience everyone.

Sept 16, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


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Cielo – delcawed

Thought I would revisit the declawing of Cielo. This is the most definitive proof of Cielo without claws. If you stop it the moment she unsheathes her paws, it is evident there are no claws. It has long been speculated he declawed her along with a few other cats. The motive for declawing her is rather obvious. She is the star of the show and can inflict a great deal of damage. Wonder what other body parts he has removed?

Sept 13, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


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Sept 15, 2016 BJWT Watchdog

Thank you Kacy Wilson for taking this screen grab. This would have to be the most definitive proof of Cielo’s declawing. #EduardoSerio‘s BJWT Brand is supported by the exploitation of these animals. They are nothing more to him than a means to an end. Fame, fortune and notoriety.