More Box Babies

Poor Nikki……she obviously suffers from cognitive issues. It is my hope her #BJWTFamily can raise enough funds to be able to have a health professional treat her. It’s not fun having an impaired brain. I don’t see how she can possibly come back from this one.

Are these boxes? I’ll leave that one for you to decide.

Sept 17, 2016 BJWT Watchdog



Smart(?) Followers

Discussing the ongoing issues of how blind#EduardoSerio‘s followers are with a fellow advocate and conservationist, it struck us how not one of his followers cannot grasp how these cats seem to come out of one of two enclosures. They always come pouring out of one or the other gate. One being their feeding area. Here they were filmed pouring out en masse. This tells you something is not right, they are not OUT THERE romping around. This should ring alarm bells, but alas, his followers are not that bright. Those that do question get blocked. #Serio‘s pathological lies are believed by his less than smart followers.

Sept 13, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Boston Cats

I have been closely following the story of the young woman, her two beautiful cats and the vicious and libelous rhetoric #EduardoSerio has been posting across all his Social Media sites. I am surprised and disgusted that animal welfare organizations have not had the decency to speak up in support of her. My view, and I am sure the views of those who have the guts to speak out against pseudo “sanctuaries” is that whilst many of us sit back and criticize certain sanctuaries, rescue facilities and charities for aspects of their operations we may not agree with, few are actually educating the public about the BAD “sanctuaries”, the unethical rescue facilities and the shady charities. We can complain, criticize, harp on and demean the efforts of those trying their best to do their part in saving and/or rehabilitating wildlife – but if we also fail to educate others at the same time, what is actually being achieved? The answer: Nothing. Without educating people on the good and the bad, the public can never truly know the difference and will likely not understand how and who to support. This is where the bigger animal welfare organizations must step in. Many have criticized this young woman calling her an “idiot” but she is not an idiot. She was simply ignorant and I lay the blame squarely at the feet of these organizations because of their failure to educate the public. There is very little out there to explain that BJWT does not belong in the “ethical sanctuary” group and their methods and statements are highly inappropriate and exploitative. These organizations actually created the situation wherein she thought BJWT was a good place because THEY never said it WASN’T a good place. SHAME on them. Their silence supports the unethical management of the animals in this dangerous man’s care. Little do they realize the actions of BJWT have an effect on their own work, work which is focused on changing the perception of the public on the plight of wildlife and the ethical care of animals in captivity. They do not see the bigger picture. Those that have educated the public about BJWT should be supported publicly. I sincerely hope she gets her cats back. I, for one, support her 100% and knowing how much she loves her babies, my heart bleeds for her. She made an error. She needs our help not our condemnation and nor does she deserve the silence of those that have the ability to help her. Shame on them.

Sept 3, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Serio’s Minions

Curious how the collage posted below was shared without the blurb.#EduardoSerio has taught his followers well. Don’t quote any criticisms directly because then they will have to address them. By not quoting, these people can create their own construct in their little heads and blow off steam. Just like Eddie. What he does is calculating, to elicit a particular response from his followers. He whips them up into a frenzy then unleashes them on those that dare to question his methods. I particularly like “we watch hunters kill them all over the world.” I don’t think they watch anything other than Eddie’s animals passing on Giardiasis, back and forth in an environment lacking the most rudimentary sanitary protocols. I’m betting if those cats were tested, many of them would be carrying identical strains of bacteria/parasites which could be tested for DNA to prove they’re all shared. Back and forth it goes. And his followers hang on to every move.

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Aug 31, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Eduardo Serio has surpassed the term “megalomaniac.” In fact, there is no word that adequately describes him. His cultish love garbage is both dangerous and ridiculous. In the below image he is clearly insinuating that every person ever injured by captive wild animals they had loved, were injured or killed because they did not meditate nor understand the “frequency” of love. And that, basically, he’s more of an expert than them. Years of being an extremely wealthy LA socialite, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, has made him an expert. And yes, they are pets. They are his pets. That’s how he started out, as a private collector with a couple of cubs in his home. From there the story changes quite a few times. One thing Serio isn’t and that is consistent.

Aug 20, 2016 BJWT Watchdog