More Box Babies

Poor Nikki……she obviously suffers from cognitive issues. It is my hope her #BJWTFamily can raise enough funds to be able to have a health professional treat her. It’s not fun having an impaired brain. I don’t see how she can possibly come back from this one.

Are these boxes? I’ll leave that one for you to decide.

Sept 17, 2016 BJWT Watchdog



Box Baby Number 6,7 or 8

“He is Miss Congeniality on steroids and if everyone else can be fed arsenic so that they can zonk out and die and he can win the beauty pageant, that’s what he will do. To be the most popular, to be the one with the most beautiful babies, that’s all he cares about.”

Another baby. A jaguar baby. All those months of speculation, box #6, or is it box #7 or #8……never mind, the box was finally opened to reveal a baby jaguar. After, “is it a jaguar, is it a jaguar, is it a jaguar” from his minions, the little cub was finally revealed. Logistically, it is NOT possible for there to be this many infantile cubs ready to be rescued in Mexico. Statistically, it is NOT possible that every single mother has rejected her cubs. It just isn’t. In the wild mothers do not lose this many. His followers are so ignorant and less than smart to believe this and to believe a hand raised cat will be repopulated back into the wild. His whole business is based upon these babies. He can say whatever he wants, he is not rescuing these babies and no one is sending these supposed “rescued” babies to him on purpose. The cubs are bred for him. And he is rolling in them. For every baby he gets, there are several adult abused animals waiting for homes. Mexico has no room to re home these animals, yet he is picking and choosing. And what he chooses is to grow a brand based on these babies and on lies and manipulation. #EduardoSErio cannot counter any argument! His defense is he has 6 million followers and that, in itself, legitimizes him and his operation. Never mind that his shady and dodgy methods does not a “conservationist make!” Here, the Avian Vet, Dr Garza, a man who also has a shady past with illegal trafficked exotic birds, holds the cub. Birds of a feather flock together.

Sept 17, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Inside Info?

Oh dearie me. It’s quite laughable really. These two are implying I have someone on the “inside” videoing a certain way just to make it look bad!!!! Apart from the fact these people have been brainwashed to high heaven, how could we have someone on the “inside?” #EduardoSerio, the most famous Zookeeper on the Planet, would KNOW by the footage if someone were sending film and images to other people on the outside. Yes, I have people who have been there, have been quite disgusted at what they have seen and contacted me with footage and images. You see, they too believed in his methods, but no more. Because once there, they saw the “unnatural” state these cats live in. They do not roam, they are stressed, some are DECLAWED, they live in small enclosures 24 hrs a day, and there is most definitely NO WHERE near the 240+ cats the Pimp of Mexico claims he has. Most of these cats are long gone. Again, I will say, approx 100 cats in 2.5 acres. But, as I always say, “patience is a virtue,” and the coming months will see information that will put a big dent in his holier than thou image. Patience everyone.

Sept 16, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


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Sanctuary Comparisons

No matter what #EduardoSerio says, his zoo is below par and no where near the ‘state of the art” facility he boasts that it is. A run down facility which belongs to his family and where he had to build “quarantine” areas which are also used as permanent enclosures to house approx 100 cats in 2.5 acres. The Wild Animal Sanctuary for example, has a centralized compound in the middle of the 720 acres of rolling grasslands, which is used as a receiving area for new rescues. Its specifically designed areas allow animals to recuperate and adjust to their new surroundings. The rehabilitation process for rescued animals begins there with special playgrounds that help prepare animals for living in large acreage habitats. Emoya has one hectare for four cats. One hectare equals 2.47105 acres. #Serio has 2.5 acres for approx 100 cats. Think about this.

Large acreage habitats: #BJWT does NOT have large acreage habitats. The only areas he has is where he films the “prides.” His cats spend the rest of the time in their enclosures. They do NOT roam vasts grasslands or, as he likes to say, the Mexican Serengeti. I have it on good authority. These cats spend 24 hours in these enclosures. Visitors to the Zoo see nothing wrong with this. His minions see nothing wrong with this. Why would they? Their idea of a “sanctuary” is based on #Serio’s gross misrepresentation of his Zoo which is a far cry from the roaming animals in ethical sanctuaries where the habitats closely mimic their own environment. Take note: ethical sanctuaries where animals roam freely and live in peace and tranquility. Not trotted out for ignorant visitors and filming. Nor are infantile cubs ripped away from their mothers, in pretend rescues, to be housed in closets and trotted out for the ignorant B grade celebrities.

Sept 16, 2014 BJWT Watchdog


Click Bait

Click Bait: (on the Internet) content, especially that of a sensational or provocative nature, whose main purpose is to attract attention and draw visitors to a particular web page. #EduardoSerio is a master at this. His business background in media has honed his skills. Whether in sickness or in health, the blatant use of the animals in his care for the sole purpose of selling his Brand to the public, has made him the King of Exploitation.

Sept 15, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Love is Sick

Love is still sick. In fact, Love has not recovered at all since her arrival at the Zoo. According to the #Zookeeper‘s statement, Love has hemorrhagic gastritis. The fact is Love has never recovered from “ingesting” rubber when she was with her previous owners. In the infamous live feed Love was violated by the Avian vet while shoving his finger up her rectum and fishing around, pulling out pieces of rubber. It is very fortunate he did not rupture the intestine wall. Here he states she will be well in 48 hours. How can he guarantee this? And how has Love’s intestines hurt her neck? Is he saying that she way lying in a certain position because she was uncomfortable, for a long period of time? Why wasn’t Love medically treated all this time? If Love is genuinely hemorrhagic, 48 hours would just be the “if she can live this long we might have a chance” goal. Love has been sick for such a long time with one surgery and again with this surgery. How much longer will she be suffering? AN ETHICAL SANCTUARY WOULD HAVE HAD HER UNDER CONSTANT VET CARE AND ISOLATED. Because if they had had her treated correctly her problems would have been diagnosed and addressed promptly and done with by now. But not #EduardoSerio. These animals are his click bait and the show always goes on.

Sept 15,2016 BJWT Watchdog