Cubs Die

Some timeĀ ago, one of the little cubs died. Due to a huge liver. I am aware that English is not Eddies first language which would account for the way he described the autopsy. I’m not too sure where this autopsy was performed. There has never been any sightings of a “medical” room or an off site “medical” facility where the animals are treated. Like any respectable Zoological facility, specialized “medical” areas are part of the compound. With BJWT, we have never seen such an area, room, nor have we seen a building used for these purposes. He did say that all “vets were in the house,” after the cubs death. Could the autopsy have been performed in the kitchen? Also, too, please note his constant use of the term “inbreeding” when describing any abnormalities, color, illness, size, and death. He has also said he has hand reared over 120 cubs. So where are they and why does he not parade them like he does his Box Cubs? After all, he has habituated them to humans, he and his staff have all formed “bonds” with these animals, they all have names, so where are they? Over 120 cubs raised by Serio and his staff. That is a great many animals.



Inproper Feeding

“When feeding young felids, they should be placed on their stomach on a flat surface (e.g., table). Cubs held in an upright or head back position during feeding are more prone to aspiration and death.”

Source: Jealousy, Distractions and Excuses – Big Cat Awareness

His young animals are cared for by his Nanny: Nanny Eli. A woman with no animal husbandry background other than what you see here.


Famous Zoo Keeper

Eduardo Serio, the most famous Zoo Keeper on the Planet, has single handedly GLAMORIZED, CELEBRIFIED, EMBRACED, ENDORSED and ENCOURAGES Cub Petting.

From: Sheri Bruner – a fan – “I was able to play with baby tigers on Saturday. I love what you do.”

Watching #BJWT live feed “Love” today, I noticed many comments rolling in that were quite laughable if they were not so disturbing. Comments saying “I can’t wait to pet cubs, I can’t wait to do what you do,” etc…. There are so many of those comments, too many. What chance do these animals have to escape the exploitation which they are subject to in road side zoos, cub petting facilities, private collections, and the pay to play schemes for greed and profit? None. While Serio continues to glamorize his position and abuse the young animals in his care, while he allows his famous and not so famous ignorant friends to come “play with the Box Cubs,” young apex predators will continue to suffer at the hands of those who exploit.


Quarantine Area

The supposed quarantine area. Or extra runs for the animals he has no room for? A foot or less between fences where anything could be transferred. The Parvo virus can live in the soil for up to 6 months, Giardia can also be passed easily through feces and live in the soil. There is nothing preventing them form passing URIs to other cats. A very poor quarantine area. Or is this how its done in Mexico? What we do know is, as told by a visitor to the Foundation, and seeing aerial views of Stage 2, many small enclosures, on very small land. The feeling the visitor had was not comforting, in fact, they were struck by the unnatural environment. It did not strike them as a sanctuary, more like a zoo. The house visit was also uncomfortable. They saw an extremely unnatural scenario where they observed many visitors interacting with the cubs while Serio stood in the background encouraging his guests to do so. This only confirms the commodification of the animals in his care.