Why this Blog

Exposing the promotion, exploitation & glorification of cub petting, & the lies behind the BJWT Brand.

Today, as the human race faces the real risk of species extinction, along with a myriad of other environmental and ecological issues, Eduardo Serio has thrust himself onto the Social Media domain as the savior and liberator of said species, and an educator and mentor to millions of followers. Eduardo has also managed to polarize into two sharply opposing groups, those that agree with his methods and those who don’t.

BJWT is a registered Zoo. Eduardo Serio himself posted his registration as proof. The “about” description on the #BoycottCircus website, and it must be noted here, #BoycottCircus is owned by BJWT, and on many posts issued by BJWT, it is stated that BJWT will do what no other Big Cat Sanctuary can do: replenish Africa’s dwindling lion population with a compromised gene pool by 2030 with over 200,000 cats from his own stock. Serio has appointed himself as the first and foremost Big Cat expert. A wealthy LA socialite with no experience other than having cubs as pets, started his Foundation with no experts on his staff, a plastic surgeon as a medic for the animals and his nanny as a care giver for the cats. This Page is to be a platform for creating awareness to his methods and to address his lack of managing his animals in an ethical and moral environment instead using them as photo props with celebrities and friends who have no ethical compass where the ethical management of wildlife is concerned. His obscene lack of ethics and morals must be exposed for what they are.

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In this blog, the facts that are posted can be verified. The views that are expressed of Eduardo Serio and his foundation are ones that I back without a doubt.