Slumming It With Style

More insight from Mary Reedson:

About the only thing that gets more attention than a good story about adorable baby animals, is a good story about someone nobly sacrificing things in the name of adorable baby animals. This theme is a trope, long established in hero archetype as presented in ancient written word, retold in oral legends, and manifested right up into modern day movies and video games. If the hero who sacrifices everything in the name of adorable, defenseless creatures happens to be a gruff, outspoken, politically incorrect anti-hero, all the better. Everyone, it seems, loves a not-really-that-lovable hero who’s willing to give up everything to save something adorable and defenseless.

The recipe of cuteness and assholery is a guaranteed sell to the public, and because of that, people will do whatever it takes to adopt the mold.

For die-hard fans of Black Jaguar White Tiger, Eduardo Serio is a delectable combination of politically incorrect and outspoken jackass with a heart of gold, who is devoted only to the care of his beloved “kids”. Those of us wise enough to look beyond the Hollywood bullshit see him for what he truly is: A spoiled rich kid too unlikeable to be popular without the aid of money, and lovable pets. You see, that’s the great illusion of Black Jaguar White Tiger, the idea that its founder, Eduardo Serio “gave up” his grand life in order to live in poverty while caring for his cherished big cats. The reality behind that illusion, is a millionaire who has perfected the art of slumming it with style.

Born Eduardo Moises (Serio), “Eddie” as his fans often call him, grew up surrounded by the wealthy elite of Hollywood’s premier neighborhoods, like Beverly Hills. He attended private schools and nonstop parties, often seen with his father, many times in the company of would-be models and/or actresses. The Moises family had an empire which included multiple mansion homes, in several countries, as well as multiple states within the U.S. When Eddie’s father was implicated in a massive money laundering scheme, namely the Edicom scandal, however, everything changed. Eddie’s father fled the US, and in order to keep his millions out of the hands of the U.S. government, most of that money was put in Eddie’s name. While his father lived in Mexico, (the Mexican authorities dropped the investigation into his part in the Edicom scandal, mostly due to his connections to shady Mexican politicians), and now safe from prosecution, Eddie continued to enjoy a life of luxury, owning two homes of his own, and multiple cars. He regularly flew back and forth from the U.S. to Mexico.

It was during one of these trips that Eddie convinced his cousin to give him a jaguar cub, as opposed to selling it to a client who intended to use it for a photo prop, which had been the original plan. The story of Cielo has since changed many times, growing more and more dramatic each time Eddie relates it. The fact remains, however, that Eddie himself explained how he got Cielo back when he hadn’t yet figured out how much money he could make off his animals. For anyone willing to fight Instagram, those original posts still exist (they were originally under Eddie’s name, but he changed the name of the account to Black Jaguar White Tiger after he founded it).

Here is the first rendition of how he came to possess Cielo. Please note, that when Eddie says he has not returned to his house in LA, he’s not homeless, he’s simply living in his mansion in Mexico.


And here is Eddie discussing the possibility of getting another big cat cub, shortly after he got Cielo. Notice that he clearly states that he’s afraid he’ll have to “give away” any cat he gets if it doesn’t get along with “daddy’s girl” Cielo.


And yet, he got a tiger, anyway.


But then his cousin (who has never been named, but whom informants have told us his father (Eddie’s uncle)  breeds and sells big cats) had a leopard up for grabs. Now, according to Eddie, all he needs is, specifically, a female lion, and he’ll die happy.


Look, like magic, now Eddie has a female lion. (This lion, Karma, eventually died from consuming pieces of wood furniture in Eddie’s house, and he promptly spent $1300 to have her DNA stored with a cloning facility, and has been paying (according to the clanging facility) $100 a year to keep her DNA stored there.)


It is blatantly clear, to anyone with a modicum of commonsense, that Eduardo Serio was a wealthy collector fulfilling a “bucket list” of exotic pets. These first animals grew up in Eddie’s mansion in Mexico, being tossed into the swimming pool and lounging in lawn chairs. It only took a matter of weeks for Eddie’s social media to explode as he collected new followers by the hour, oohing and aaahing over his adorable pets. When a few commenters started asking if he’d rescued them, suddenly, he started claiming that he had rescued them. The story of Cielo’s “rescue” morphed into one wherein Eddie went to battle on her behalf. In some of the most recent versions Eddie describes actually leaving the U.S. to fly down to Mexico and snatch the cub from the jaws of certain death.

The more popular the Black Jaguar White Tiger became, the more pious and destitute Eddie portrayed himself to be. And like any good liar, he kept just enough truth to his stories to make them believable. He regularly states that he “sold his home” in order to be with his cats. In reality, he sold one home, in favor of living in Mexico, where he now resides in the building complex which belongs to his family and now comprises Black Jaguar White Tiger. He often states that he “sold all of his cars” yet he continues to fly to the states to attend galas, nightclub events, and birthday parties for celebrity friends, as well as flying to other countries where he lives lavishly. According to Serio he “gave up everything for my kids” yet all of his father’s money went somewhere, and we know that it wasn’t to the U.S. government, where much of it is still owed.

One of the most shocking parts about Eddie’s “surprise” social media popularity and subsequent empire, is that he’s been involved in a company designed to make money off social media sites since 2010, three years before he every bought his first pet big cat. “Social Reality” was founded in 2010, and as this 2012 prospectus shows, the Moises Investment Group and Edwardo(sic) Moises Serio has voting and depositive control in the company. His Co Founder Rachel Brandt also has shares in the company.  For anyone not interested in reading the entirety of the lengthy legal document, it outlines how the company makes money off of advertising and promoting on social media. It also states that it is a private company, not a public one. It is no surprise, then, that just a few years later, Eddie now has some 6 million followers on social media sites, eating up his ever-growing lies, and eagerly sharing his adorable animal videos.

Right in plain site, a multimillionaire has so honed his “slumming it” persona that he can jet off to Austria for a ski vacation, and his fans cheer him on


exclaiming that he deserves a vacation while they fund his trip by donating their own hard-earned money to “support” the big cats that he’s purchased.

Yes, purchased.

Aside from the fact that Eddie himself has admitted to buying cats from breeders, a member of the exotic big cat trade recently took it upon himself to “warn” the BJWTWatchdog page against “accusing” Eddie of improperly caring for his cats. In the exact words of this breeder, and seller of big cats “If you are going to accuse a Mexican in Mexico that buys a million dollars worth of RARE cubs a year, of killing his animals, I think you might want to have proof.” So according to a big cat breeder and seller, who is personally involved in the trade big cats, Eddie spends a million dollars a year buying big cat cubs. The big cat breeder and exploiter who said this had no reason to lie. In fact, he was utilizing information he possessed about Eddie to try and convince us that we were in over our heads in raising concerns about Black Jaguar White Tiger.

If one looks at Eddie’s continually renewing “prides” of cubs which magically appear just as the prior “pride” of babies outgrows the cutesy stage, the idea that he’s buying these animals to maintain a constant flow of marketable cubs is completely believable. Add to it, the fact that the Mexican government only has about 30 cats officially registered to BJWT, while Serio boasts about owning 250 of them–virtually all of which arrived as cubs or young animals–and it’s not just believable, but probable. Despite Eddie’s claims, young cubs statistically make up the smallest percentage of animals in need of rescue because they offer the most profit margin when used for photos or as pets, yet cubs are BJWT’s primary bread and butter when it comes to their media presence. After all, nothing says “conservation” like playing “peekaboo” in your bedsheets with a big cat cub.

There’s even an entire underground pet trade for big cats in Mexico wherein young cubs are sold, and when they outgrow the playful stage, their buyers can simply trade them back in to the breeder for another small cub. Many of Black Jaguar White Tiger’s “rescues” are cubs which have just begun to eat solid food. A coincidence seems unlikely. But fans of BJWT remain blind to this, just as they remain blind to Eddie’s blatant shows of wealth.

While Eddie claims that he’s “never received a paycheck” (let’s not forget the dividends he receives from Social Reality), he regularly posts photos of his sneakers, as they’re destroyed by his “kids” chewing on them. Sneakers which average $400 a pop (and it should be noted that a “paycheck” is not the same as making money off donations to your foundation). Eddie asks his fans to support him half a dozen times a day, while snapping photos of his $5,000.00 Hublot watch, clenched in a tiger’s jaws or being licked by a lion.


His fans fail to grasp this advertisement of Hublot watches for what it is, even though Eddie actually labels it (with incorrect spelling) as an ad for Hublot watches. BJWT fans also seem unable to grasp the fact that Eddie gets paid by Instagram for all the hits on all of his posts–despite that sites like Forbes state that Instagram is a way to make a great deal of money in this fashion. Fans encourage each other to donate to BJWT on a daily basis, yet never ask where the money goes, taking it on blind faith that it goes to the animals, while Serio takes a private jet to Miami to hit the club scene. Fundraisers for BJWT put on by Eddie’s wealthy friends regularly bring in close to a quarter of a million dollars in one go, (notice that this fundraiser was put on by the same entity, Haute Living, that put on the party I linked to above, which showcased Eddie’s presence in L.A. Haute Living has been linked with Eddie’s family since the beginning, and they serve to make each other money) all tax deductible, yet fans worry in comments that Eddie doesn’t go to the doctor when he needs to because he doesn’t want to take money from the “kids”. Between the monthly donations–many fans enroll in a reoccurring donation format, which allows them to get benefits, and special emails–fundraisers, and the sale of tens of thousands of merchandise units a year, Black Jaguar White Tiger is the epitome of a successful business empire.  It is also noteworthy to know he still has not reported his US charity income to the IRS.


One of the “rewards” for pledging to give Eddie $1,000.00 a month or more was a two day play date with the kid,s until it was pointed out that Eddie was advertising cub petting, and the offer was removed from the BJWT website.

But poor, poor Eddie, he’s just a foul-mouthed anti-hero, living in poverty so that his pet rescued big cats can have a better life.

Long live those who have mastered the art of slumming it with style.

And may the genuinely poor ignorantly continue to support you in your endeavors, Eddie. Because God have mercy on you if they ever wise up and figure out that they’re paying a millionaire to tell them fairytales about how poor he is.


Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

6 thoughts on “Slumming It With Style”

  1. I would just like to say that your big article about this foundation is real cute, but you have one significant detail that you did not explain. If he is just a scam that does not do a bit of good. Then why would a lot of the big cats that arrive be in horrible condition and some time later be healed, because if you are going to give me a big paragraph about how it is not true I would like you to look at the case of Achilles which you can clearly see has recovered from the condition he arrived in.
    Oh! One more thing before you go all “It is blatantly clear, to anyone with a modicum of commonsense” (not how you spell common sense, it is funny though because later you say “even though Eddie actually labels it (with incorrect spelling) as an ad for Hublot watches.”)
    I urge you to get off your high horse and be a little less of “the hero conspiracy theorist”. I put it in quotations because this article says a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t matter because I do use common sense and can see that there is good going into this foundation.
    So, before you go into this with a bias idea of what you think, maybe you should look at the whole situation not just the bad things.
    You thrive on bringing others down, do you not? Is it because you can’t find something good to do for the world yourself so you think you can just ruin others that are?


    1. We’ve offered repeated scientific and factual proof, of the mistreatment and abuse that goes on at bjwt, while defenders like yourself have offered nothing except the rhetoric which Eddie spreads. Just like Eddie, your only response is to claim that we are jealous or get something out of bring others down, when in reality, our main concern has been, and always will be, the welfare of the animals that Eduardo purchases and exploits.
      I suggest that you look at our Facebook Page and get the facts.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. What happened to Achilles afterwards? Where is he now? Nice PR by Eddie but doesn’t change the fact he is overcrowding the population. No sanctuaries, zoos, petting zoos do this. Not safe for the animals nor humans. Eddie has ZERO knowledge of how to take care of these animals. He pays others to handle the needs or expertise. This is nothing other than a Branding concept and making money off Instagram and goFundme donations (which don’t go through the 501(3)c avenue). The only e-file Eddie has done of filing form 990 is Dec 2015. The group can still receive donations to get the tax deductions currently. But he has 3 years to file the form 990 before his tax exempt is revoked.


  2. brilliant article!

    I think he may not even understand the harm he and his foundation bring to the future of these beautiful animals.

    By his actions, he inadvertently promotes and glorifies owning a big cat cub as a pet. Even if he tries not to – through his Instagram, he does. He can do so much to stop and destroy the big cat pets market – not by “rescuing” these cubs from his breeders (this is why they look distraught and injured, because they get very bad treatment when they grow up in awful conditions at the breeders’ facilities!) but by helping to track down and closing those breeders, and by educating people that owning a cub of a wild animal makes you a subhuman, a disgrace! If he can spread this knowledge we will all benefit and there will be less big cats in captivity!


  3. Excellent article. In one of recent my posts on Instagram I passed a comment saying this whole organization looks shady as there are too many unanswered questions. For example, where do fresh litters of cubs appear every few months? Where are the mothers? What happens to the bigger cats? Are they sold to zoos? Too many unanswered questions.
    His minions had a field day sending me a lot of hateful comments as was expected. After all, they hardly have a mental capacity of their own. They shoot off their mouth without doing any research on the subject at hand.
    None of them nor their demigod know a damn thing about animal conservation.


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