Feeding Area

The feeding area. This is the other gate where the cats are let out into the play area which is THE area for filming. Doesn’t it strike anyone as alarming when watching his feeds how these cats are not roaming in an environment which closely resembles their natural habitat but instead are kept locked away in small enclosures only to be let out for filming? How do people NOT question this? Can you hear the banging of sticks which his workers are doing to round up the cats which are already out in the filming area? There is a video posted here very early on showing them rounding up the cats.

Sept 14, 2016 BJWT Watchdog


Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

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