Diverting Attention

#EduardoSerio is playing a very dangerous game. The most famous Zookeeper on the Planet is not only delusional but believes his own lies. He fixates on the fact BCR are not registered with Tampa or the State as a Sanctuary and doesn’t mention the GFAS rating or all the nonprofit awards and ratings. He may think the GFAS is a “mafia” organization as stated in a live feed which he promptly deleted and which I managed to grab and post here, but GFAS is highly regarded by organizations like The Born Free Foundation. Poor Eddie. His Zoo cannot comply with the most basic guidelines of keeping cats IN AN ENCLOSURE instead of a closet in his house. He is grasping at straws. Oh and where he says he has had only “10 super famous” people visit him? Another lie. Scroll back and you will see hundreds of people visit his closet and NONE of them educate the world of the issues facing wildlife. He also tags other respected organizations in the hopes they will reach out to him to say what? To agree with him? THEY NEVER WILL. They wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. They will NEVER be seen to be associated with #EduardoSerio, a delusional, psychotic, dangerous man. His little red wagon is about to be parked.

Aug 27, 2016 BJWT Watchdog



Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

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