Wrong Decisions

A very dignified young woman who realized her animals were not going to be safe at the BJWT Foundation. She made a wrong choice then wanted to rectify it. Eduardo Serio is a man who cannot be trusted to tell the truth. He is not transparent and refuses to show the entire grounds of the Zoo. Why? Because it will prove he lies. It will prove the terrible conditions the cats in the enclosures live in. Small pens, no enrichment, no where for them to receive that enrichment and they stay in those pens for long periods of time. Is this a “Sanctuary?” No. It is a zoo with below par conditions exploiting animals.


Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

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