The Most Notorious Predator

The most notorious predator facility at the moment is the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation. With over 5 million followers across all Social Media platforms, BJWT has created a model on a scale which has never been seen before. The promotion, glorification, and exploitation of wildlife at this facility is a gross misrepresentation of conservation. To be able to understand how this Foundation has been able to fool millions, firstly we must examine the wildlife laws in Mexico. SEMARNAT allow the breeding of exotics and the keeping of exotics as pets. Breeders, private collectors and zoological parks must have either a UMA or a PIMVS. BJWT first started with an UMA (Wildlife Conservation, Management and Sustainable Utilization Units). The basic concept of wildlife units was to create economic incentives for the judicious management of wildlife resources by facilitating the integration of wildlife management programs in livestock, forestry, and agricultural schemes. Wildlife uses (including plants) within UMAs are broadly interpreted to include research, recreation, environmental education, game farms and commercialization of wildlife byproducts which can be marketed through regulated laws. The UMAs are classified as Extensive or Intensive. Extensive units are those in which wildlife is free ranging such as game ranches. Intensive units are those in which wildlife are raised under intense and controlled management schemes such as zoological parks and wild animal breeding programs. The UMAs can vary in size depending on management objectives and economic viability. All UMAs must be registered with the federal Office of Wildlife (Direccion General de Vida Silvestre [DGVS]) and include a management plan. The management plan must include censuring and monitoring methods, species-specific use criteria, harvest verification, and protection of wildlife to prevent illegal use. With the rise in popularity BJWT applied and became registered as a Zoological Facility for public exhibition (PIMVS) as seen below. This also allows BJWT to create a genetic bank for breeding. There is no mention of the word “sanctuary” in any documentation or applications which regulate the keeping of exotics nor are there standards and guidelines to help facilitate the ethical management of apex predators in an environment controlled by a Foundation which calls itself a “sanctuary.” BJWT has created a facility based on exploitation, fame and notoriety.


Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

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