Mexican Serengeti

The Mexican Serengeti. Thus far we have not seen the rolling plains of his Mexican Serengeti. We have seen small enclosures with children’s play equipment as enrichment and Stage 2B is in the process of been built but, again, not that much bigger. Definitely not the plains of the Serengetti. And most definitely in no way do any of the areas we have seen so far mimic the natural habitats of these big cats as he so eloquently likes to remind us. Why not show us the Serengeti plains? He is using land his family owns and that is not much. What is he waiting for? Perhaps Government financial help to buy more land to expand his Zoo? Meanwhile, where are the 230 + cats kept?



Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

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