Lies and Deception

Since its inception in 2013, the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation has manipulated and fooled too many people into believing they are saving, rescuing and rehabilitating exotic cats (like tigers, lions and jaguars). They have claimed on more than one occasion that each and every one of their cats (including the monthly intake of cubs) has been rescued from deplorable circus, breeder and private ownership situations. Despite the fact that this Foundation cannot even keep their origin story straight (more than one version exists of how the Foundation was created, and the origin story has even been changed on multiple occasions by the Founder himself), there is no evidence anywhere which proves undeniably that every single cat and cub in their care has actually been “rescued” or confiscated from abusive backgrounds in circuses and otherwise. When articles were written by various writers, journalists and news outlets attempting to shed light on the truth of this Foundation’s operations, many were silenced with legal threats. It is important to note that the Foundation did not directly refute any of these articles, but simply threatened people publicly through social media posts and otherwise, clearly from the hands of an unstable and unknowledgeable individual.

Then, recently, a woman came forward to tell her story of how the BJWT Foundation has not only abused her cats, but has taken money from her and is now threatening to give her cats away to someone else, despite the fact that the Foundation says their purpose is to HELP exotic cats. This woman gave her cats to the Foundation thinking they would be happier there, as they are a mixed exotic breed. And yet, Eduardo Serio has not only publicly attacked this woman verbally, but has refused to give her cats back. All of that, despite the fact that there is documented evidence of him promising to treat them well, then more evidence showing he has not. He does not own them, he does not have any legal ownership over them, and he does not have a right to keep them nor give them away. This woman has REIMBURSED ALL THE MONEY GIVEN TO HER BY HIM as evidenced by her PAYPAL RECEIPT. He also accused her of abusing her cats. The Video below clearly shows the cats in the room stressed, hiding from each other, tense and lashing out and he has no idea of the fact. His interpretation of the actions of these animals are made to suit his agenda. But wait! This won’t have been the first time Eduardo has given a cat away which he has promised to care for forever. Not to mention, many of the cats at BJWT seem to ‘disappear’ and are never heard from nor seen again. Lest we forget how well connected Serio is, there are many hidden truths that would indeed shock the world, and his naive followers, if they were to be revealed. He also talks about ethics, morals and ego. Strange. This from a man who constantly exploits by using his animals for photo opportunities and having models cavorting with the cubs and calling it conservation and having breeders visit his Zoo.

What the public must understand is that BJWT is not a sanctuary; they have a zoo licence, nothing more. As people are working ardently to show the public the truth behind this Foundation’s exploitive operation, too many continue to support a false sanctuary they really know nothing about. Think you know everything based on a few cute Instagram pics? One day the truth will be revealed, and those who support the blatant cruelty will be left to wonder how they ever got duped by this Foundation in the first place. People see right through you, BJWT. And what they see, what the world will eventually see, is hideous. Disgusting. The epitome of cruelty and shame.


Author: ExposingBJWT

The importance of animal welfare is at the top of my list, with lions being in the forefront. There is a lot to be accompomlished and collectively the roar will be louder.

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